Hey guys, welcome! Acro Stars Gymnastics is a non-profit gymnastics organization based out of the Grain Palace building in Ray, ND, but welcome to families in all nearby cities. We have an additional locations in Powers Lake.  Our club started in February 2017 and is currently being coached and run on 100% volunteer status. Classes start in the fall and run through spring.  If you would like to help, donate or get information on classes feel free to contact us at any time!

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Sponsors & Donors

Bank of Tioga Grant

MPLX Grant

Statewide Greatest Needs 2022 Grant

Tioga Community Foundation 2022 Grant

Thrivent Action Teams

Williams Cooperative Trust Operation Round-up Program at MWEC

Williston Community Foundation 2022 Grant

Thank you to all of those that have supported Acro Stars Gymnastics!

405 West Railroad Avenue
Ray, ND 58849